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Organising Events

More 3 500 people participated in our events in 2014 !



All professionals will tell you that to stimulate a team and develop cohesion and team spirit, nothing beats a change of context and habits !

The efficiency of team building has been proven! Studies made by AGEFI (French finance and business magazine) have shown that companies using team building show an average gain in efficiency of more than 30%.

When back at work the positive effects due to the activity are numerous: better working atmosphere, a shared positive experience, motivation, team problem solving, adhesion to the corporate culture...


Families, associations and Works Councils

Recreational and accessible to all by day and by night, in the form of a Treasure Hunt; discover the heritage of the Champagne region in a friendly atmosphere.


Stag Nights and Hen Parties

Original and fun, participate in our Treasure Hunt in the Champagne regions, specially designed for Stag Nights and Hen Parties !

On the menu : solve an enigma, challenges, disguises, discover the local heritage, and having lots of fun !


School trips and leisure centres

Orienteering competitions, treasure hunts, star or butterfly courses... Our activity provides a recreational way of discovering orienteering.



CAP Orientation works with a large variety of partners in all its areas of skills and competences.



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