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Map making and other materials

CAP Orientation can provide you with the benefit of its skills and know-how to create all the necessary support materials for your activities: the relevant maps and a large range of route markers.

The map: an essential tool for any orienteering activity

Maps are indispensable for any orienteering course, and must give detailed information on the terrain.

In an urban park, sports complex, town centre or an unfamiliar forest, the orienteer must navigate with a map, establishing a connection between the symbols on the map and the reality of the terrain to find where he/she is and progress safely and securely.

Carte forêt Carte parc Carte ville Carte école
Forest Maps Park Maps Town Maps School Maps





More than all the other elements making up an Orienteering Course, the map must be the most reliable and of good quality.

Maps can be printed using different processes… including paper with a PREAC synthetic covering which makes it waterproof and tear resistant. .



OCAD Software


For your information, CAP Orientation is the official distributor of OCAD Software in France. OCAD is the standard for orienteering map making. Simple to use and comprehensive, it helps you make maps and design courses.

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Course materials: production and installation of temporary or permanent course materials.

When installing a Permanent Orienteering Course on your site, CAP Orientation can design and provide all the necessary materials required :

Panneaux d’informations

Information Panels (moveable and visual) to display information concerning the installation of a Permanent Orienteering Course.


 The Control Point posts, adapted to the site, and visited in sequence to complete the course. Either made from untreated solid oak or recycled plastic, our Control Point posts help protect the environment.



Borne Forêt

Forest :

This discreet and resistant Control Point post is ideal for a forest environment, as it is simply knocked into the ground.

Dimensions : 1,400x70x70mm

To install, knock into the ground

Borne Forêt
Borne Parc en plastique recyclé

Park :

This aesthetic and resistant Control Point post is ideal for an urban park environment. It required a concrete base.

Dimensions : 1,100x100x100mm

Installed with a concrete foundation

Borne Parc
Mini borne en plastique recyclé

Mini Control Point post :

This small Control Point post is installed using existing supports on site, such as benches, walls, posts, dustbins etc.

Dimensions : 200 x 55 x 55 mm

Installed using two screws to attach to the support.

Mini borne
Mini borne amovible en plastique recyclé

Moveable mini Control Point post : This small control point can be tied round a tree: it has a securing cable and a locking system.
For semi-permanent use, ideal for use over a particular period: for example during a school year.

Dimensions : 200 x 55 x 55 mm

This small control point can be tied round a tree : it has a securing cable and a locking system with key.

Galvanised 4mm diameter cable, 1.50m long.

Mini borne amovible

Ski Orienteering : This Control Point post is a longer version of the Forest Control Point post, and is adapted for use in all seasons (classic, racquet, cross country skiing).



Plaquettes codées

Discreet and practical in a school environment, the coded markers help validate the passage of a student at the point indicated by the teacher.


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